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Re: Still alive

Lifewire is busy, but will tell him about the "activity" here ;)
Maybe we should really re-start in eve again - but then it probably gets again to work, work, work for this game ...

Changes on

I am finally moving or quitting from the active server that uses up 60€ per month back to just a webhosting-provider. This means: a) The teamspeak server will be gone b) I cannot run CPU-consuming jobs anymore like the job that keeps the eve-item prices actual every saturday c) I have ...

Re: Star Citizen

Didn't check Eve since I quit, I even haven't the client installed since my last OS-update.

So, since you are "perma-banned" you would have to start all over with a newbie char, eh? 8-)
Also Lifewire has just the Xpo-char left - will ask him this evening what he thinks.

Re: Stuff for pman

List of the most important things we need for API checks. a quick view on wallet balance and skillpoints. was allready done, see at profile links to sites: [url]ttp://[/url] (searching for posts with the charactername in them) done, see at profile http://eve-searc...

Server Security - Banned IP-Ranges

Hi, I have been doing work on security stuff on the TDG-Server today, banning allmost 6.000 IP-Ranges known as being used for hacks, scams etc. These IP-Ranges come from the following countries: # China # Korean # Cambodia (KH) # Hong Kong (HK) # India (IN), Bangladesh (BD) and Pakistan (PK) # Indon...

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