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Re: Still alive

I don't miss EVE, I'm not sure I'd enjoy it anymore. Even though the game has hundreds of new features and things to do, I just find it really... uninteresting. But I do miss playing with you guys. Camping a gate, it's like fishing or camping around a fire... you get a little action sometimes, and ...

Re: Still alive

I don't mind keeping it. I am a gatekeeper of old things afterall. But, there has to be at least some interest in posting here.

Get the old crew back :)

Re: Still alive

Hey :)

Sorry Ten, I didn't see post approval request. This place was pretty much abandoned, in fact I nearly trashed the domain (saving a grand total of $15) but decided to keep it for another year.

Forum got fucked

The forum got fucked up in a recent server update.
I was able to restore the old posts, but nothing posted in recent 3-4 months (which was only a couple of posts anyway).

Also since this forum isn't used by TDG anymore, I trashed all the sections and just kept the Public area and Babblezone.

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