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Re: I installed again

I'm actually playing every day now, only PVE though. I might do PVP in the future, we'll have see. I'm kinda enjoying the more relaxing side of EVE. There is also a lot of new stuff to do and train. I subbed for a whole year with my alt as I no longer have a main.

I installed again

After many years I have re-installed EVE. Not done much yet, tried to get the game running smoothly first. I'm using Linux which makes it hard to optimize and my PC specs aren't that great, there is no official Linux option STILL after all these years! But the custom launcher created by some CCP dud...

Re: Still alive

I don't miss EVE, I'm not sure I'd enjoy it anymore. Even though the game has hundreds of new features and things to do, I just find it really... uninteresting. But I do miss playing with you guys. Camping a gate, it's like fishing or camping around a fire... you get a little action sometimes, and ...

Re: Still alive

I don't mind keeping it. I am a gatekeeper of old things afterall. But, there has to be at least some interest in posting here.

Get the old crew back :)

Re: Still alive

Hey :)

Sorry Ten, I didn't see post approval request. This place was pretty much abandoned, in fact I nearly trashed the domain (saving a grand total of $15) but decided to keep it for another year.

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