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Re: Star Citizen

Eve was good for 10 years and i wont miss the experience and fun, but i still wait for Star Citizen. Many people are selling accounts cheap at the Moment because they think Star Citizen will fail, but it wont. Our Team (Sinister) allready does tranings every week and tests new updates that nearly co...

Re: Star Citizen

Star Citizen Alpha is quite interesting. It is allready possible to fly multiperson ships and PVP in the test universe. Let me know if someone is interested.

Re: TDG Star Citizen

Warde, the finished game starts 2016, so np. But 2 years flight training might make a difference :D I tested the Alpha and i have to say it is not easy to fly a starfighter.

Re: TDG Star Citizen

The dogfighting module is online and can be downloaded :rofl:

10,5 GB...downloading....downloading...downloading :xcry:

Btw: several guys told me they would join TDG Star Citizen, so far we have Hunter, Cef, Dr. Danny and Necrobios.

TDG Star Citizen

Orthan and me will soon start to built up the basic logistic (Homepage, get knowhow, recruit players) for Tundragon Star Citizen. We are not sure if we will call the baby Tundragon or maybe create something totally new. Also we will think about what we want to do: be pirates or try to be some sort o...

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