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Re: Star Citizen

Speaking of overambitious games that will never deliver, anyone here tried Hellion?

It's too early to even call it a game, but it's a promising tech demo that could be fun to play in a group.

Re: Star Citizen

Star Citizen was over-hyped, will under-deliver.
Elite is a nicely looking procedurally generated big void.
No Man's Sky is a fad.

/grumpy xpo

Re: Star Citizen

I've played some Elite Dangerous, but gang size would be limited to 4 there and I'm not sure how the multi-crew implementation (planned for end of year) will work out. @Hunter: start a GoFundMe campaign to fund your gaming addiction ;). I forgot where you live, was it S. Korea? @Lifewire: do you pla...

Re: Tolling logs

--------------------------------------------------------------- Channel ID: -23433466 Channel Name: Private Chat (alone) Listener: XpoHoc Session started: 2011.07.17 14:24:54 --------------------------------------------------------------- [ 2011.07.17 14:25:04 ] XpoHoc > hello sir [ 2011.07.17 14...

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