Funny hateconvos...

WolfieBird > why?
Lifewire > sir?
WolfieBird > why shoot at me and destroy my fucking ship?
Lifewire > oh sorry sir, it was a weapon malfunction
Lifewire > i clicked into empty space and then you suddenly uncloacked there
WolfieBird > bullshit
Lifewire > and then my guns fired
Lifewire > i am so sorry
WolfieBird > what u gonna do about my ship?
WolfieBird > what you gonna do about my ship?
Lifewire > me, nothing - i think you uncloked in my line of fire, so it was your fault
WolfieBird > i have no cloaking device
Lifewire > after the jump. your are cloaked
WolfieBird > what a lame excuse
WolfieBird > please dont nick my stuff
Lifewire > sir?
Lifewire > we dont steal
Lifewire > you lost some items there
Lifewire > so we are free to take those items
Lifewire > if you drop them overboard
Lifewire > we can take those items
Lifewire > i have wasted some ammo shooting your ship - will you pay this ammo?
WolfieBird > fuck off
Lifewire > omg you are rude!
WolfieBird > me rude? you fucking destroyed my ship, i just wanted to use the stargate
Lifewire > like i said: i was firing my guns to test em and you just decloaked in front of the guns and...boom...
Lifewire > bad luck
WolfieBird > test firing...... at fucking what?
Lifewire > but will you now pay the ammo?
Lifewire > just into empty space...i love test firing my guns
WolfieBird > nope, you not paying for my ship, i'm not paying for your ammo
WolfieBird > seems fair to me
Lifewire > to me too
Lifewire > then everything is fine i guess
Lifewire > nice
Lifewire > i like this situation beeing solved now (o:
Lifewire > makes me happy
WolfieBird > your still an arsehole
Lifewire > rude!
WolfieBird > so are you
Lifewire > never heard such harsh words of a lady before
Lifewire > i just saw: i was using lasers
WolfieBird > now you fucking have
Lifewire > so i did not waste ammo for you
Lifewire > lucky me
WolfieBird > piss off
Lifewire > why are you so angry

Re: Funny hateconvos...


O.K. Will you be candid with me and help me out so I can survive in sectors 0.4 and below. I have been blown up about 15 times. What is your strategy for killing us? Our ignorance? Not checking out our routes? What is the first thing you disable on a ship when it comes in to your territory? What is the first thing I should do when I find myself in hostile country? Come on, please give me some survival skills. I am a Marine who's been shot at in Afganistan ans get here to the game from time-to-time. I get more fatal blows here than in hostile country on earth.


Re: Funny hateconvos...


[21:09:54] Roueil > Hey Cunt Smacker, Hows it going. Good job picking me off at that gate, wow you guys had a big ol' circus tent camped there for you two clowns didn't you. Oh no worries though because I was just doing some lowlife mission to haul some fucking marines.
[21:10:15] Roueil > Hope you enjoyed yourself you soul-less bitch.
[21:10:28] Roueil > I got kill rights on you and Fag'lite
[21:10:38] Roueil > so I will be hunting you down, hope you enjoy a swarm of drones for your death
[21:10:48] Hunt Smacker > Yes sir
[21:10:58] Roueil > Pussy
[21:11:03] Hunt Smacker > I do look forward to it
[21:11:14] Hunt Smacker > Good day sir
[21:11:20] Roueil > Yeah I probably won't ever find you though, you'll just run and hide
[21:11:30] Roueil > Like the punk ass, soul-less cunt you are
[21:11:38] Roueil > Dirty whore
[21:11:45] Roueil > and tell fag'lite that i'm going to slaughter his whole family
[21:11:49] Roueil > Enjoy

Re: Funny hateconvos...

Re: well
From: zippp
Sent: 2011.07.21 08:13
To: Xander Serpen,

Thanks for contacting our customer care, i hope your happy and continuing using our service ;)


From: Xander Serpen
Sent: 2011.07.21 08:08
To: zippp,

Well I'm mad but I must admit you had a fast lock and some good DPS.



We killed iteron from him at aunenen...

Re: Funny hateconvos...

From: Dragcos Heilos
Sent: 2011.07.21 08:41
To: zippp,

Dude that was AWSOME!!!! live an learn I guess right? I am still a rookie but hell you really made me want to get as good as that i mean I didn't last at all - I wish I could replace all the augs I had LOL you gave me alot work to do :) good thing i had back ups of everything else but my augs - Thank you for the lesson I will not be be there ever again till I can surive at least a jump to the station :)

Cant even remember what he was flying...

Re: Funny hateconvos...

Riker Atros > hey again
Ataman Dima > 500 mil
Ataman Dima > hi sir
Riker Atros > i dnt have that now after yesterday
Ataman Dima > how can i trust you?
Riker Atros > i dnt u killed me yesterday
Ataman Dima > than eject that ship, otherwise we will kill your ship and your pod
Riker Atros > y eject
Riker Atros > i cant it stoo expensive
Ataman Dima > we killed you finally because you killed miss syndicate
Riker Atros > cus i want goin to fucking etect
Riker Atros > i had 2 bil in that ship just give it too u or make u blow it up hmmm
Riker Atros > i loose it either eway lol
Ataman Dima > sir pls next time before you jump in to this system contact us to get a free fee
Riker Atros > well u got the nano memberane o well
Riker Atros > how would i know u r there
Riker Atros > or who to contact i did but before i was gonna unlcokei didnt have the money so no choice
Ataman Dima > and you must understand that 2 days waiting for the money was to much for us. Next time be sure that you have enough money to pay us
Riker Atros > 2 days waiting for what?
Ataman Dima > 500 mil
Riker Atros > i paid u ysetr day to come thru, YOU WILL HAVE HELEL TO PAY haha, you really have no idea
Riker Atros > no it was 25 mil yesterday AND u blew up my thanatos
Ataman Dima > Riker Atros > i dnt have that now after yesterday
Riker Atros > check with ur other faggot memebr
Riker Atros > gb and gl since i know where u all like to camp

I have to say that i understandet "Riker Atros > i dnt have that now after yesterday", he means he will have it after tomorrow :)

Re: Funny hateconvos...

Bear Browny > bitches
Bear Browny > I'll fuck your mom
Eugene Kerner >
Bear Browny > the nazis. we fuck you in 45. still can not calm down?
Eugene Kerner > oh I see...we already had the pleasure once before
Bear Browny > really? when?
JohnnyRingo >
Eugene Kerner > you have been a client of our services already
Eugene Kerner > did you enjoy it?
Bear Browny > so much
Bear Browny > did you enjoy at 1945?
Bear Browny > bastards
Bear Browny > losers
Lefevre > :S


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