Re: Star Citizen

I've played some Elite Dangerous, but gang size would be limited to 4 there and I'm not sure how the multi-crew implementation (planned for end of year) will work out.

@Hunter: start a GoFundMe campaign to fund your gaming addiction ;). I forgot where you live, was it S. Korea?
@Lifewire: do you play Arma 3? I could swear I heard your voice there once playing SC: KOTH. Brought back all the memories about your commanding in Eve.

Re: Star Citizen

It's looking less and less likely SC will ever be finished, and if it does, I don't think it's going to compete with EVE at all. I haven't played EVE for over a year now (or 3 years if you count when I stopped playing in TDG) but I can see that EVE has changed a LOT in that time, giving a lot more options to small groups / small ship players, without giving all the toys to Alliances and rich players.

So where do we go from here? Lifewire, Orthan, did you try EVE lately? I can't because I'm perma-banned but I'd be curious to see what its like from the perspective of a 2003 player ;)

Re: Star Citizen

Didn't check Eve since I quit, I even haven't the client installed since my last OS-update.

So, since you are "perma-banned" you would have to start all over with a newbie char, eh? 8-)
Also Lifewire has just the Xpo-char left - will ask him this evening what he thinks.

Re: Star Citizen

Eve was good for 10 years and i wont miss the experience and fun, but i still wait for Star Citizen. Many people are selling accounts cheap at the Moment because they think Star Citizen will fail, but it wont. Our Team (Sinister) allready does tranings every week and tests new updates that nearly come daily. RSI is working on this game and ist 80 programmers that are working on it. It will happen and i think it will Outsmart Eve.

Even if the multiplayer will be a fail, then the single Player campaign will still be worth to Play.

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