Corporation Informations

All doctrines are linked in fleet-up. The fittings are the cheapest version of the ships, you are allowed to pimp the mods how ever you want if you're rich. ( :thumb:
If you want to have a ship ready for every fleet you should get a Rapid Light Missile Cerberus, Armor Machariel and Arti-Shield Machariel. Also you should have a Blops of your choice and JDC V.
All capitals/fleetships should be moved to Aunenen or Nalvula IX - Moon 2 - Spacelane Patrol Assembly Plant . IF you need help with buying stuff or moving it to write me a mail and I will see what I can do.

Loot System in TunDraGon:
All loot from shipkills which aren't from solo kills goes into the loot Hangar of TDG. It will be payed out once per month with our tool PMAN:

PMAN was invented to solve the problem that the old payout system wasn't good and is a try to optimize the payout to get it as fair as possible. But keep in mind that it never will be perfect, there will be allways stuff that might not be counted in.

So what in basic does PMAN do?:
PMAN uses the data from the killboard, it runs multiple cronjobs that fetches data directly from CCP via API and it uses the posting of "roles". In the end it uses all this data to calculate the shares for the corp-members.

The shares consist of activity shares (data from the killboard) and of role shares (posted by FC's).
So basically if u are active e.g. in a camp u automatically get the activity share for this.
Roles have to be posted in PMAN by a FC/director. There are roles for camping and roles for bridging/wormholes/roamings.

10% of the loot will go to the corporation to pay fuel, bills and logistic ships.

Alliance forum and jabber:
Everyone should join the forum, ops and events will be posted there. If you like you can also join their jabber server for pings:

SRP for alliance fleets:


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