Re: Tolling logs

Cefizelj > hello
Malekith Ibrahim > hi
Cefizelj > intersted in keeping orca and pod?
Malekith Ibrahim > you many?
Malekith Ibrahim > my english is not the best sry
Cefizelj > np 400 mil ?
Malekith Ibrahim > ok
Eugene Kerner > pay
Eugene Kerner > and you leave the can
Cefizelj > cans are free right?
Malekith Ibrahim > no not free
Cefizelj > 30 sec
Eugene Kerner > pay to cef or me
Cefizelj > 20 sec
Cefizelj > ok thx ,nice dong bussines
Malekith Ibrahim > is payed
Eugene Kerner > warp off
Malekith Ibrahim > thanks
Cefizelj > thanks to you
Eugene Kerner > fly safe
Malekith Ibrahim > same too
Cefizelj > :)
EVE System > Malekith Ibrahim was kicked from the channel by Cefizelj
Reason: "just kick"



Re: Tolling logs

he was so eager to pay, who knows what he had in corporate hangar section.. :)
btw new orca costs 800 mills now, calculate in rigs, risk of flying it around, insurance and u cant go below 1 bil on it. so 700-800 mil was good price too :)

i really hoped he ejected pod too when he ejected all the loot :)

Re: Tolling logs

I wanted to make this public in case this comes back to bite me in the ass. Let me begin by saying that the morning gang of Lizard K and friends were in local once, jumped out to Nonni after we warped to POS. They stayed next door in Nonni off scan. All in all about 10-12 of them I believe.

So back to the story. We caught this person's pod and decided to ransom. Convo:


Channel ID: -30403226
Channel Name: Private Chat (Private Chat)
Listener: Kage Toshimado
Session started: 2012.05.05 15:00:22

[ 2012.05.05 15:00:26 ] Kage Toshimado > ransom pod?
[ 2012.05.05 15:00:38 ] Caligula Ra > dude this is my first day back in the game im pretty much a noob with skills
[ 2012.05.05 15:00:47 ] Kage Toshimado > so no?
[ 2012.05.05 15:00:55 ] Caligula Ra > how much?
[ 2012.05.05 15:01:10 ] Kage Toshimado > 50m
[ 2012.05.05 15:01:12 ] Caligula Ra > ok

During the moment where he said ok, the "Lizard K" gang landed on the Aunenen gate in Nonni. I did not see this guy say ok and we immediately podded him and warped out. Secondly, this fucker is a damned liar!!! So I'm actually rather glad for the Lizard K gang trying to drop on us. Lord Enforcer and I just barely had time to make it out so I don't regret our decision, but I know we honor ransoms so wanted to explain what happened in case this gets out. Also, just another fyi- he did not send me 50m. In fact, I had to pay 2,950 ISK CPSA fee to convo him. :)


Re: Tolling logs

Might be smarta$$ again 8-) but mission and incursion runners have lots and lots of LP,means they buy implants for half of market price,thats what they thought :tock:

Doctors are always polite,but lower class like us :bash:


Re: Tolling logs

Warde Guildencrantz > welcome valued customer
Oddic > allo
Warde Guildencrantz > are you perhaps interested in maintaining your implants?
Oddic > maybe
Warde Guildencrantz > the cost for maintaining your implants shall be 200mil
Warde Guildencrantz > send to me, within 20 seconds
Oddic > done
Warde Guildencrantz > thank you sir
Warde Guildencrantz > good day
Oddic > thank you
Warde Guildencrantz > tundragon is the oldest pirate corporation, dating back to 2003, we are proud of service and honour in ransoms
Warde Guildencrantz > fly safe good sir
Oddic > thx again

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