Re: Tolling logs

Cefizelj > hello
Dragon Old > pf xnj
Cefizelj > i know
Dragon Old > no
Dragon Old > for what
Cefizelj > money
Cefizelj > you want to save ship
Dragon Old > mach
Cefizelj > 2 mil
Cefizelj > ok?
Dragon Old > jr
Dragon Old > ok
Cefizelj > to me please
Dragon Old > bat tril
Dragon Old > trial
Dragon Old > i can`t more
Cefizelj > i know....
Cefizelj > ok tell a joke in local
Dragon Old > let me go
Cefizelj > or say tundragon are best
Cefizelj > in local
Cefizelj > just write it
Cefizelj > in local
Dragon Old > im russan? i not anderstend
Dragon Old > sorry
Cefizelj > write in local chat
Cefizelj > tdg are best
Cefizelj > and i will let you go
Dragon Old > wat i mast do
Cefizelj > write in local chat
Cefizelj > tdg best
Cefizelj > tdg best
Cefizelj > ok man
Cefizelj > fly safe
Cefizelj > will you upgrade game,not on trial?
Dragon Old > yes soon
Cefizelj > ok nice, it is great game
Dragon Old > indid
Cefizelj > you are in big corp,someone should explain game more to you,in your language



Re: Tolling logs

Orca pilot after his vessel vaporised.

[20:56:45] Eugene Kerner > Good evening
[20:57:04] ClaeroMar > suck my cock. kill me too
[20:57:06] Eugene Kerner > You might be interested in keeping your Implants, Sir?
[20:57:33] Eugene Kerner > ah, very well, I ´ll suck then
[20:57:34] ClaeroMar > fuck you. not getting shit for money from me asshole
[20:58:13] Eugene Kerner > fly safe traveller
[20:58:51] ClaeroMar > fuck yourself

Re: Tolling logs

I'll see if I can find the logs a bit later, after a transaction i received this mail about 10 mins after.


I thought I would drop a quick note to say:

a) Well done on implementing a good gate camp today ... the damage output was impressive and the scrambling done well.
b) Thank you for being understanding to those with a little money.

Hope to avoid you again :)


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