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46 mil

I can fly: HAC’s, some friggs, Amarr and Caldari Cruiser/ Bs 5, Minmatar Cruiser and Bs 4, Bc 5, Revelation and in a few day logis. My Gallente skills are bad, but I think I will work on that in the coming months.

Ahriman Moros (transporter, scout) Katsura Takeda (T3 prodder)

Well, after the tutorial I was more then one year in the 0.0 with some Rl friends. There I have learned the basic PvP skills, but it wasn't very funny to fight in such big fleets. As my friends stopped playing EvE I found a new "home" in a German piracy corporation. There I had a lot of fun with nano-gangs, gatecamps and stuff like this, but we were only a few active people so fights with armor ships were very rare. This led me to the decision to left them and to discover something new. I joined the Alliance Exhale. which is active in the W-Space. The fleets were nice there but most of the fights were in the US-timezone and that is to late for me. Also I missed my -10 so I am back in the low :D

Player info:
I am from Germany (near Kassel), 19 years old, student, play EvE since 2010

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Name: Raven Gale

Raven Gale (14m SP, Minmatar/Caldari)
Day Fisher (10m?SP, Gallente/Amarr, currently inactive [was a scouting alt])

Raven flies Caldari Frigs, BCs and Tengu. Not much to say really, I started off missioning and soon joined a merc group then low-sec piracy and eventually TDG. Caldari doesn't have a great selection of combat ships so I decided to crosstrain this character to minmatar. Can fly Minmatar Cruisers, Frigs and BCs. Training all gunnery supports to 5 (~27d left woo) then going for a Loki.
Day is mostly a scouting alt but I have been training it to fly Gallente BS. Planning to crosstrain it to Amarr also. Not much to say, could use it as cyno bait!

About me: I'm a 19 year old web designer and student (studying Math part time). I live in England hence the British accent but I am from Portugal. Not much to say about me :) I'm boring as fuck (I play eve)

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Dromidas Shadowmoon

40 mil

Minmatar ships:
V: frig, cov ops, interceptor, cruiser, recon, bc, command ship
IV: assault ship, logistics, HAC, battleship

Gang skills:
V: Skirmish Warfare, Leadership
IV: Armored Warfare, Siege Warfare, Warfare Link Specialist
III: Wing Command, Information Warfare Specialist

Armor/Shield skills maxed or close to it.
Projectile guns maxed (Except specializations at IV)
Drones at IV/V
All supporting skills for above ships maxed except EWar I'm pretty bad at.
Astrometrics for scanning at IV/V

Started eve and met up with Kage's corp pretty early on, initially miner guard and pirate hunting but not a lot of action there.
Did some 0.0 with silent requiem and thorn, then mostly ended up low sec pvp/pirating.
I have a hauler alt Niten Ichi that can fly transport ships.

Recently took a 2 year break but came back early October 2012.

Player info:
American (Currently California), playing since 2006. Age 30.

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hi I am Ice Queenslayer formally icy

I am minmatar and gallante and caldari and amarr pilot . i have 72mil skill points
I been playing since beta under a different name Icy was formed in 2004 an she saw all over the universe she is a a mean fighten machine ;) I was in alot of alliances ran my own corp and alliance. Flew with some great pilots. always ran with pirates. I ran Curse alliance an it was ran by most pirates. I just wasnt one. I did the politics.... Cuz I am a woman pilot so the guys figured give the boobs leadership ... Anyways when I am not playing eve I work as a nurse .. I am currently a director of nursing and a trama nurse P.r.n I love taking care of people. I live in the U.S.A Chicago IL ... an 31 years old.

Re: Who is Who

Hi im Erin.

I started this game back in 2005, and I havent taken a break since.

I usually keep m pvp chars and my indy main seperate, and i dont link the 2 in any way (im an untrusting bastard)

Erin, being my main pvp alt, is soley devoted to combat skills. I can fly anything sub cap except minmatar black ops and marauders (minnie bs 5 is the only one i dont have). Other then that, sub cap t1, t2, t3 I can fly it.
I can also fly all except minmatar capitals, except titans.

Anyways as to Erins history, started him with another buddy who has sadly quit, and basicly been on magical adventures to nearly every corner of eve. Lived in Immensea for a bit before moving to syndicate back in 2008/2009 out of the dp34 area. Was alot of fun specially fucking with huzzah.

After that i joined 3lite out in a renter alliance in fountain, living with the old PL. Based in g95 we kinda got sandwiched between people roaming to delve and back from outer ring and such. This was back when BoB had just been "forcefully" broken up lol. Anyways they came back and tried getting into delve through fountain, and it was pretty fun living there during that. THey based up about 6 jumps from us in yz-lql, and every day we were in fear of hotdrops as they seiged the area.

A bit after that the leadership decided to put things on hold a little while and move out, so I left and joined a few corps, found nothing great, and went back. Well by that time theyd moved to eimj in period basis as a renter of sys-k. Then we literally joined sys-k during there war with the rest of stain wagon.

Well a little after that I left as they basicly died. Went to highsec with a buddy and we tried going merc with our corp dark legion society. Got a few contracts but nothing really exciting.

So after that another friend of mine got me into therapy. in wildly innapropriate. Went up there and participated with goons and test on kicking evoke n friends out of cloud ring, and pushes back into fountain.

Then the whole geminate war happened, and we redeployed over there to help out rage. At the start it was mostly us, rage, and a few other renter/pets, but we started getting more support from mm/rzr, tho they were having such bad participation rates it wasnt really helping. Then of course white noice and the new cap heavy PL started showing up, and yeah, not fun, at all. On a highlight i did get to participate in what im still pretty sure is the largest (people in system wise) battle in eve, the push into 020-2x.

Well after all that i had returned to highsec on another run of usually ill fated merc outfits, mostly through lack of participation. Then I was finnaly talked into joining a very good friends corp deadly viper kitten mitten sewing company.

We eventually grew to form the I Know Right alliance with a few other groups in the Essence region. I still run the alliance on other characters. But playing this game 7 and a half years gets to you, and I had been thinking about quitting, for good. Apparently Alter told Kage and I get a mail asking me to join them in Tdg, and get my will to log in restored lol.

Well, its worked so far.

Heres to fun, fuckery, and finances.

Alyssa Severasse

Name: Alyssa Severasse

Toons: Alyssa Severasse (42mil sp), Alyssa Utama (35 mil sp), Zzathross (1 mil sp)

Skills: Mostly gay-lente. HIC, HAC, Recon, T3, Blops, All T2 Blasters, T2 med rails, pretty good armor skills, very good Drone skills (T2 Sentries). Very poor mining skills :)
Guardian with Logi V
Starting on caps, can fly dread/thanny but not very skilled yet (and no idea what to do with them).

Alt can do JF, scouting and builds almost everything Amarr/Gallente (inc. Guardians, T3's and HACs). Alt corp also producing caps (place orders please!)

Background: Recruited into Arbitrary Spaceship Destruction by Turugon/Sivor Detman. Spent ages flying HS missions and low sec roams. Moved to Void Protocol - the PvP arm of the ATEAM alliance and flew in low sec for ages with a small gang, initially around Mannar/Groothese. ATEAM got bombed by Dec Shield, Marmite and TAXU (pretty much at the same time). Void left, everntually moved to FERAL alliance and out to Solitude (Meunvon) for some fun 'n frolics. Joined up with Kurisu Makashi/Cercis Inotari and a big Coalition to try and take over Solitude. Blue with DnD at the time (hence my interest in TDG). Exploded in a giant ball of fire with too many egos and ambitions and not enough player buy in (along with some epic nerd rage on comms).

Void died shortly afterwards as everyone was playing World of Tanks instead of Eve (void is now getting back online - some good players in there).

So I went back to fly with ASD who were now hisec Mercs (Lord Razpataz and Devils Warrior Alliance). Found hisec merc work annoying - ranged from lots of n00b kills in short order (Brave Newbies) to flying 15+ jumps to find war targets sitting in station. Very few decent fights, almost zero roams. Although I did get a nice Vindi kill :)

So I joined TDG :)

Re: Who is Who

Name: TEK9/DirtyDogg/Naked Terror

Skillpoints: 59/23/31 million


TEK9 - All races, most sub-capital ships. Almost perfect gunnery and armour tanking skills and reasonable shield tanking and missile skills too. TEK9 is my main. I am currently training the Amarr Strategic Cruiser skills, which will be followed by Black Ops. After I will be training for a Carrier/Dread.

DirtyDogg - Alt specialised in (Caldari/Gallente) Recon/HICs/Logistics. I am currently training Amarr Cruiser V mainly for the Guardian and will then be training for a Carrier/Dread.

Naked Terror - Covert ops/Blockade Runner/Command Ship (Booster)/Logistics. Naked Terror will remain outside of TDG. I am currently training her for Capital Ships and am considering Freighter/Jump Freighter/Carrier but will be influenced by whatever TDG would find most useful.


I started playing Eve in early 2005, becoming a member of the Eve Defence Force (EDF) and focused entirely on PvE. That all changed when a small merc corporation (Company of Wolves) declared war against our alliance and ripped us apart. I knew then I wanted to become a predator not the prey.

I began solo hunting in low-sec (Mara/Passari/Dantumi etc.) and loved it but my CEO wasn't so keen so I ended up teaming up with a few like minded corp mates and formed the Renkers Crew spending most of our time in null sec, which led to us being absorbed into the Freek Corp, where I had my first taste of lag/blob warfare. It was fun, but the only thing I hate more than losing a ship is losing one through lag.

I eventually (after ratting to reduce my security status!) left to become a member of the Captain Morgan Society (CMS), which specialised in Empire wars (when they were still fun) where I spent my happiest time in Eve, until CCP decided to screw with Empire (remember when Yulai was gank central?) and ruin Interceptors. This led to low corp activity and ultimately my biggest mistake in Eve, leaving the CMS.

There was no 'warp to zero' and bubbles, so I had a lot of fun in null sec (mainly Syndicate) as part of S.A.S and subsequently my own corp K405. I then joined the Omniscient Order, which mainly comprised former CMS and Cult of Cthulhu members. We mostly engaged in Empire merc contract work, which was very enjoyable (particularly the long hunt for targets), but I was forced to take my first break from Eve due to some serious domestic issues. This coincided with the tragic real life death of our CEO Ioctl, which to be honest took a lot of the fun out of playing anyway.

When I returned to Eve I reunited with some of my old friends in CMS and the Omniscient Order and had some good fun taking part in Empire Wars within the Privateer Alliance until CCP nerfed them. I then spent some time in Faction Warfare with Mentally Unstable Enterprises. I was very briefly a member of the Omniscient Order when they were part of Pandemic Legion, shortly before they went into hibernation.

After drifting through a couple of corps I formed Vale Tudo in an attempt to keep all my friends together, but many of us had become so disillusioned with Eve (and each other :( ), that I eventually reached the point when I needed a break, which turned into four years absence (why didn't I keep training skills? :xcry:)

I have now returned and feel a lot of my old enthusiasm, rather than trying to relive the past I wanted to try something completely different and Tundragon offers that. It is also the Corporation chosen by a lot of ex-Vale Tudo members (and friends) - Del Boy, Don Zola, Dalman, Zarks etc. (you will see their details earlier in this thread), who all spoke highly of TDG so it seemed like a natural home.

But after a 4 year break it is going to take me a bit of time to adjust to the 'new' Eve (and TDG), so if I ask you a few strange questions over the next few weeks please don't be surprised or think I am a total moron, I just hating making unnecessary and stupid mistakes. Don't worry I won't do it during a fight!

Having read through some of the posts in this forum I clearly have a lot to learn and do, for example moving and fitting ships in accordance with the various Corp doctrines. So if I don't immediately jump into every Corp/Alliance Op, please don't think that is a refection of my future activity or commitment to TDG, I just believe that a bit of planning and preparation should prevent (or at least reduce the risk!) of me immediately making a major fuck up!

In any event, I am happy to be told what to fly, fit and skill train to make me of most use to TDG, so don't be afraid to (politely ;) ) tell me!

Player info:
I am from the UK, 44 years old, married with 3 kids and a full-time job.

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Name = Vin (the TX is a clan tag for Texas BlackOps clan. I used this name so they could find me easily as they joined and had no idea I was locked into it eternally.)
Characters: TXVinDicate TXBlackOps (main pvp toon) 46m sp (password = tundragon if asked)
Sammy Sutherland (My exploration / PVE toon therefore currently have not brought him into corp. He has cyno 5 and is available as bait or a falcon pilot.) 44m sp
TATOO SKORD (JF / Freighter / Archon / Manufacturing / Market Tycoon) - He does my logistics and will help with yours if asked.

Eve History: I started playing Eve with a few friends of mine in late July of 2011 so I'm rather new to the game compared to most of you it seems. As many do, we started as miners trying to figure out how to make our way financially in the game. I started a small corp to evade NPC taxes and we were happy miners. Until one day some other corp threatened to war dec us if we didn't pay them. (Did I mention I'm From TEXAS yet?) well that fecal matter wasn't gonna fly with me or the other guys so out the window went mining . We discovered Evemon, which helped us get our skills better focused. We joined ROC ACADEMY which were supposed to educate us on pvp somehow by sitting in station or fleeing into a wormhole during war decs which annoyed me greatly so in short order we left. We found Outsiders. and moved to Khanid region. After being hot dropped by Fusion. alliance several times on gates with 5-6 carriers on a gate we arranged a little "reality check" for them. ... (forgive that awful music) after that Fusion. asked us to join. Where we stayed until recently when Fusion. explained it was disbanding and merging with Shadow Cartel. Since another Fusion. member that had left joined SC, and I just couldn't stand the guys annoying antics on coms. I decided we'd go anywhere but that route. Outsiders. numbers had fallen off greatly and activity was basically me and about 3 others so 2 of us made the move here and are hoping the other active ones follow suit.

Who am I ?: Well I'm 47 y/o male. East Texas is my home. I live on a resort of types I guess you could say. My Parents retired here so I bought a home here myself after a nice real estate deal that allowed me to buy it outright. (If you're a stalker be warned I own an arsenal of firearms and am highly trained in their use.)
I'm an Electrician by trade (30 years at it) got introduced to computers in 1989. Ran a multi-node BBS for 7 years in the Dallas/Ft.Worth metroplex as a hobby. (and this was long before Al Gore invented the internet) :pffff: Divorced with no kids, avid fisherman, guitarist since 1978 :headbang:

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