Re: Alyssa Severasse

Name: Alyssa Severasse

Toons: Alyssa Severasse (now 55mil sp), Alyssa Utama (50 mil sp), Zzathross (11 mil sp), Chuang Chou (43mil sp), various other indy alts

Skills: Mostly gay-lente/amarr. HIC, HAC, Recon, T3, Blops, All T2 Blasters, rails, pretty good armor skills, very good Drone skills (T2 Sentries). Very poor mining skills :)
Guardian with Logi V, Dread with T2 Siege

Alt can do JF, scouting and builds almost everything Amarr/Gallente (inc. Guardians, T3's and HACs). Alt corp also producing caps (place orders please!). Other alts can fly Marauders (Vargur/Kronos) and Falcon.

Background: Recruited into Arbitrary Spaceship Destruction by Turugon/Sivor Detman. Spent ages flying HS missions and low sec roams. Moved to Void Protocol - the PvP arm of the ATEAM alliance and flew in low sec for ages with a small gang, initially around Mannar/Groothese. ATEAM got bombed by Dec Shield, Marmite and TAXU (pretty much at the same time). Void left, eventually moved to FERAL alliance and out to Solitude (Meunvon) for some fun 'n frolics. Joined up with Kurisu Makashi/Cercis Inotari and a big Coalition to try and take over Solitude. Blue with DnD at the time (hence my interest in TDG). Exploded in a giant ball of fire with too many egos and ambitions and not enough player buy in (along with some epic nerd rage on comms).

Void died shortly afterwards as everyone was playing World of Tanks instead of Eve (void is now getting back online - some good players in there).

So I went back to fly with ASD who were now hisec Mercs (Lord Razpataz and Devils Warrior Alliance). Found hisec merc work annoying - ranged from lots of n00b kills in short order (Brave Newbies) to flying 15+ jumps to find war targets sitting in station. Very few decent fights, almost zero roams. Although I did get a nice Vindi kill :)

So I joined TDG :)
Left TDG to earn ISK in a wormhole. Earnt lots of ISK. Died in lots of shiny ships, earnt more ISK. WH Alliances collapsed due to alliances fees not being paid (now where have you heard *that* before) so went back into Lowsec. Rest of corp haven't logged in since April (usually on comms playing World of Tanks...) so jumped at the invite from Eugene to come back!

Re: Who is Who

Ledran Volente

Ledran: 30 Mill
Onix: 108 mill
walkway: 62 mill

Alcohol Calibration V, Sniffing Superglue

Started out in Nullsec as Fcon scrub, rolled into Viperfleet in Disavowed. Won Takeshi's castle afterwards and did some Lowsec stuff before joining the projects in Lowsec.

Player info

I like people that like reviving threads
Im almost done with my study for officer on merchant vessels.
Traveled 21 times around the sun

Re: Who is Who

Name: Kali (or some variation of...)

Caliscondoin - OGB / 48 million.
Kalicondoin - Subcaps / 57 million.
Calicondoin - Dread + BlOps / 35 million.
Kaliscondoin - Triage / 60 million.
Khar-Toba - Mission Runner / 33 million.

Others still in training.

EFT Warrior IV, PI Skills all to V and a MegaJewing IV.

I am a TEST baby, hated it while I was in it - but miss it now I am not. Played around in WHs and finally moved to Lowsec with BIack Sun. Tempted to go test the Nullsec waters on an alt now that AegisSOV is finally getting good.

Player info:
I like people that like people that like reviving threads.
Love Cooking.

Re: Who is Who

Name: Epikurus / Kingnuts

Epikurus - 88mil
Kingnuts - 55mil
Kara Roideater - 100mil
RAW23 - 500k
Vlad Putiin - 12mil
Stryker Kai - 15mil

Epik - Shield tank; missiles; logistics 5 (Basi/Guardian/Scimi); Wing Command 5; T2 links; basic archon (JDC 4, T1 triage); depressing amount of sp in trade and industry.
Kingnuts - Armour tank; gunnery; Moros pilot.
Kara - Main trade and industry alt plus solid archon / Nag pilot and JF. Was a perfect Jita trader until I tanked my Cal Nav standings chain declining lvl 5 missions in and around Nalvula last week.
RAW23 - Perfectly skilled Market Discussions forum shitposter.
Vlad Putiin - Basic logistics alt.
Stryker Kai - Backup links alt in training (only siege at T2 so far)

Started EVE in 2009 with the intention of getting into PvPing but quickly found that this wasn't compatible with being a newly minted dad with a wife who hates EVE. Rapidly migrated to the trade and industry game, which worked better with being called away from the game frequently. Posted A LOT on the market discussions forum, ran various publicly funded ventures, holding up to about 100 billion isk in public loans and became a third party / investment bank for the bonds market. After playing on and off for 2 years I'd made about 450 billion isk but rl came calling so I gave my isk away and sold most of my characters for a clean break in early 2012.

Came back to the game in autumn 2013 determined to learn to PvP (was working abroad at this point so no wife troubles). Started a corp (The Mjolnir Bloc) with two friends and spent the next two years growing it, and later the alliance we formed, into the main Caldari Militia entity. Left recently to get away from admin and politics and to spend more time fighting and less doing paperwork. Joined TunDraGon with my merry band of Mjolnir misfits because it seems like a relaxed place to play with people who take a serious approach to the game without being elitists.

Player Info:
British, living in Germany. 37 years old. Mainly on throughout the day with a couple of evenings a week subject to negotiations with the wife. Did I mention my wife hates EVE? She really, really hates EVE.

Re: Who is Who

Name: Yebo T'ey

Yebo T'ey (main of sorts) - 60m
Emi T'ey - 40m
Robbie Bobbie - 43m
Sheikh Spear - 40m
Stephanie Stiffler - Cyno Alt
Yebem Ti'Sunce Kai - Cyno Alt

Yebo - Almost all subcaps (missing heavy and light interdictors and almost have command ships), Shield/Armor tank, all missiles (T2 Cruise and Torpedo in queue); all guns (T2 lazors queued) ... has a reasonable amount of SP in mining/industry stuff which is legacy from when I first started;
Emi - Main trade and freighter alt (Charon/Rhea) as well as being the carebear arm of my team with a Matar specialisation (Large ACs and Arty), Mach pilot as well as being my Blops pilot in a Panther until Yebo gets there with jump-related navi skills (although that won't be in the near term);
Robbie - My archon pilot as well as being largely Gal specialised (Gal subcaps, Proteus, HACs)
Sheikh - Perfect subcap logi pilot - can fly them all. Also almost a perfect fleet commander (as I write, he has 27 more days to fleet command 5). If I use him for links, he flies a loki as he can't do Command Ships (will hit them when I complete FC5)
Stephanie & Yebem - Very basic cyno alts

I began Eve in early 2013 on the recommendation of our IT guy in the office and fell in love with it. Was carebearing for the best part of the year until my Tengu got blapped on a high sec undock which piqued my initial interest in PvP. Moved to lowsec to fight for Caldari and have moved corps a couple of times in faction war to end up in Bloc for a good amount of time.

Per Epik's previous post, I left Bloc together with our tight group of mates and here we are! Unfortunately for me my playtime is somewhat limited by a wife that hates Eve and me sitting on the computer, so I am only really on when she's out of the house or asleep (which means I am almost certainly on from around 2200ish eve until I leave for work 4-5hrs later). Sux to be me!

Player Info:
I am Australian (with Serbian heritage) however I haven't lived there for years! Currently living in Dubai and don't see that changing any time soon :)

In any event, am really happy to be on board and looking forward to fun times!


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