Re: Who is Who

Valitag : main however, moved him into FW so now he's no longer my main - as i thought standing mattered, but really they don't it seems. so when SP trading comes back ill probs make him main again.
Captain megabyte : current main
Rei Nexis: just bought her the other week, plan on making her a rust dred pilot (and all around rust player have them all at lvl 5... almost)
Skill points:
30mill ish
nothing worth noting, great missile skills on cap (14mill lol half my total SP)
on and off the game, for years since 2008 but got into it properly in may 2015 when i joined bloc and FW
Player info:
I am from Scotland, UK - if you dont understand me that's ok most people don't. 26 last year in uni as i went back to do another degree.

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