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Name = Dsitnangel (Truncated form of Desolation Angel)
Characters: Dsitnangel (PvP specialist) 86M SP
Characters: Jocelyn Dawnbringer (Neutral scout, JF Pilot, Logistics)

Started playing eve in May of 2003...This world is a very large part of who I am. I've fought against MoO, Tundragon, BoB, TankCEO, Lifewire (long time ago), Zarquon Beeblebrox etc, etc, etc.

I love small gang activities or solo to a fault. TXVindicate is a killer wingman.

I am a telecommunications engineer in Denver Colorado, I make bit shit talk to other big shit. I love my BMW. I hate writing these things. My girlfriend plays Jocelyn sometimes when she's not making delicious food or planning trips.

I love my guitars. I play an Ibanez RG7321 and the thought of going back to a six string scares the hell out of me. I listen to progressive metal and a select niche of dub.

I love my bike

I build insane PCs and love benchmarking and talking about what's to come.

I'm a pretty loyal guy. You need a hand? Come find me.

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Chancellor Rabidus

70 mil

I fly all classes of ships but I fly Gallente exclusively. I started RPGs when my cousin (rip) started me playing 2nd Edition AD&D. I still carry a small roleplaying habit from those days in that I look at character in the traditional pen & paper sense. I know Eve has a "lol roleplayers" attitude but that doesn't bother me. I read through all the game lore and history and decided on playing a Gallente toon because of their ideals of liberty and drone usage. I think playing with the strength and weaknesses inherent in a class/race/whatever makes a game challenging and more fun. Strictly playing a metagaming style isn't fun to me. So we need tackle?...I'll grab my Ares or Taranis, Recon? Arazu on the way....Need to melt something? Dominix/Mega will be landing shortly....Logi? One Onerios otw. This is much easier now that CCP has fixed/rebalanced hybrids and the ships in general. You won't ever see this toon in a Drake though. Apoc? Nope. Minmatar would be acceptable but I just don't have the skills to fly their ships well. I do fly Gallente very well though and that Myrmidon you see melting somebody on the gate will probably be me.

Eve University while I learned the game. Left them due to grief decs for Domini Umbrus which merged with Macabre Votum. Pewed with Morsus Mihi and the NC all over the place before leaving when they joined -A-. Went afk for a while and came back with the choices of Wormholes (I think Jove space is actually open; we just haven't found the key yet) and faction warfare. In the end, wormhole space seemed boring outside of the mystery part and faction warfare monotonous so I decided a pirate's life for me. I don't corp hop and I've already met some very cool people here so I think you guys are stuck with me. I am new to piracy though so I do need tips in how to live as a -10 outlaw.

Player Info
I'm 37 years old and live in Michigan, USA. I'm not married and don't have kids so I have a flexible schedule when it comes to playing. I work in IT as a systems administrator (although I'm currently between gigs) and love *nix/FreeBSD, Perl, and computers in general. I play guitar and would like to start sailing. I play shooters although strategy games are usually more interesting to me (from Chess to Total War). My musical tastes are pretty broad; I listen to just about everything.

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96.5 mil
Loads and loads, if I can't use it I will train for it.

I started in 2003, which was to long ago, mainly mission running, I have been around the block with Corps, always found myself kill peep's thou. I have had a few breaks in play, when I moved down south and when my boy was born. I am defo a follower in Eve or a grunt, happy to follow order's and just do away.

If you can't understand my in comm's let me know, will talk more............

Player info:
I am from Scotland, 34 years old married with a wee boy, play EVE since 2003.

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36 mil
Gallente -> bs(working towards dread)
Been playing on and off since launch. Had my quits, but game is what it is and here I am again.. Was pirate back in the days with Pirate Coalition in Egghelende and area with Snuff, MAFIA, Beer and Kebabs, Muffinmens and who else. Now I felt it was about time to get back to where my pvping all started.
Player info:
30(yesterday \o/) from Sweden. Working as a Personal Caretaker for a young kid with a muscle disease called SMA. Working odd/many hours but it's fun.
Living with girlfriend and... Do what most people do.

I have my alt Sarisjo who is my carebear alt currently. Has cyno5, rapier pilot and hic trained if ever needed for bops or baits or something.

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Daemon Ceed

Alts: Markarian Aurelius, Cloe Mitchell, Severice

Skillpoints: 45mil

Skills: Proteus and Loki T3's, Logi V Guardian and Oneiros, Min/Amarr/Gal Recons, BS and HAC's and CS. Training up lazors for Zealot. Cloe is a nearly max skilled scanner pilot, can fly freighters, orcas, and SB's. Severice is an account I'm babysitting for a friend who flies a Thanny for moving my stuff and also has a Rorqual for clone vat bay use.

Employment: I started playing Eve in 2011 with my first toon, Markarian Aurelius. Derped around doing L4 Missions and living in WH's for awhile. Got bored and tired of it. Thankfully I was saved by a mutual friend, Lord Malic, who taught me nearly everything to get me started with PVP. I then moved on with Markarian to a WH PVP Alliance, Talocan United, for about a year until I left back for K-space to return to my old hunting grounds of Carrou and Ignoitton. I helped form with a friend of mine the Office of Orifice Expansion to do highsec griefing, merc work, and general tomfoolery. I'm a big fan of asymmetrical warfare and on occasion metagaming, too. I love to fly in AHAC/T3 gangs and also greatly enjoy flying logistic and gang support (Rapier, Curse, Arazu, etc). I joined TunDraGon to try out a new area of space with a different group of people. I also want to be involved in Cap fights and more bridge/blop ops.

Player Info:
I'm a 34 y/o Systems Engineer from San Diego, CA. Been playing Eve since mid-2011.

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