Re: Stuff for pman


Change the API Key checkout process into steps, to make it easier for everyone to do API checks.

Step 1: Forum posts ( I first search in the sales threads, if previous owners i check them too in next part, then i check his posts, then i for his name to see if anyone has posted THIS GUY RUINED MY CORP etc...)

Step 2: KD Ratio on battleclinic and evekill

Step 3: Skill points, where are most of his skillpoints? Can he fly what he said he could fly in the interview.

Step 4: Mails, i usually just skim over the mail subjects and sender names and check anything "suspicious"

Step 5: Finances and Assets, does he have lots of isk and no ships, or lots of ships and no isk, lots of modules lying around, i check his transactions and trades if he does a lot of free trades with someone = possible alt, does he give money to somone = possible alt, free stuff with contracts = possible alt

Re: Stuff for pman

Idea: A member logbook

We have a history of members joining and leaving. What we need is a history of everyone who has been in TDG in the past few months at least. Yes I know this is not possible from API alone, so we should start to keep a manual record of who joins and leaves the corp. I often login to find that a member has disappeared and as a director I have no warning or knowledge of this. Only Life, who isn't playing atm, can tell us.

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