Role Values on PMan

Our role values differ greatly, there are some gaps that need to lowered and fixed. What im proposing here is changing our role point shares drasticly to make it much more balanced and not making you feel like shit if you are flying a hurricane in a camp.

Flying a hurricane/harbinger should award 1.15 points. Flying any other ship in a camp should award you 1 point. ( This would work best if this were fetched from KB, specific systems (Aunenen, Egghelende) with atleast two people on the killmail. ) So any other "special" ship you fly will be giving you more, but not so extreme as it is now.

Corp Share 20% : This should cover the costs of 4 Pos ( We should aim to do a payout every 30 days, whatever wallet status is ) and this should also cover all carrier jump fuel, +500m ish so TDG isn't dead broke after every payout. So the % really has to be calculated every payout.

Camp Roles, Again the base is 1 point ( gunship ) and 1.15 for flying a hurricane/harbinger ( since they have the best utility/dps to cost ratio ) So you are getting 15% more for flying the more preferred camping ships.

Scout : I think scout should give 0.3 But at all times max 2 on each gate.

EWAR : IMO should give 1.45 points.

HIC : Should give 1.6 points, and max 1 on each gate.

Web : 1.5 points

Booster : 0.85 ( Kinda cant decide how much this should be, these are very important bonuses and incredibly useful )

Orca : 0.7

Prelock : 0.55

Logi : 0.66 ( This should only be repper alts on pounce, like lukozz with toca in execuror, or vansly with oneiros )

Carrier : ??? ( what is this a cloaked carrier ready to rep, or a triage carrier ready to warp in ?) Tbh i think this role can be deleted.

Salvage : 0.1

Prober : 0.1

Loot Hauler : 0.15 ( This should only be like a freigther/Orca wreck that requires us to warp our orcas to loot )

FC : 0.2


Bridge Roles, Here Stabbers become the base with 1 point, and zealots become the preferred ship with 1.15 points.

Bait : 1.15

Logistic 2.25

Loki/Proteus : 1.45

Carrier Transport: 0.55 ( should really be no danger )

Carrier Triage : 3.25

Booster (Damnation) : 1.5

EWAR : 1.35

BackCyno : 0.15

Scout : 0.1

Cov Scout : 0.15

Salvage : 0.1

Prober : 0.1 / Remove or combine this role with Cov scout.

Dreadnought : 2.1

FC 0.2

This should balance out a lot what people are making.

Even this needs quite a tweaking, but i think this would reduce the gaps abit. People with multiple accounts will ofcourse benefit much more than people with one, im my opinion people with two accounts should be getting around 1.5x max of what people with one account have, three accounts 1.8x - 2.00x roughly. To discourage running three accounts to just to get the biggest share. Activity shares should although fix that. Multiboxing should be max 2 active roles that you actively have to watch, but if you have more accounts etc those would only be passive roles, like booster or orca.

So any thoughts?

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