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Also, the auto login function isn't working, not sure if its just my browser (Firefox), or if it's the site.

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thx for the info (Johnny, Granadix, Warde) - I fixed the link to the killboard and fixed the cookie problem with the forum.


1) forum and killboard
As allready noticed, I have moved the forum and the killboard from the old domain to the new server,
so the killboard is now at
and the forum is at

Both are still also running hidden on the old domain, when PMAN has been moved I can totally disable them there.

2) TS3-Server
now runs with non-commercial license and I have set it up to 500 clients.

3) cron-jobs
The cron-jobs for the killboard are running now on the new server, also the database-backup is active there now.

@Warde and Granadix: Thx for offering help - Will contact u on stuff to do as soon as I'm done with moving/re-creating the functions.

@All members: If u encounter problems with the forum or the killboard, please contact me.


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status update ...

more and more on my first posts is getting "green" (so is done) ...

Finished the public part so far now (still the history is missing, Lifewire is working on the "text"). Goin over now to creating the internal part of the page where only TDG-members have access (including the move of PMAN from the old server to the new server).

Re: Roadmap -

status update ...

Now more got green on the roadmap (so is done).
Just finished the import of members and wallet data - manual and cronjob running.

@Lifewire (&Hunter): How about the TDG "History" - I still need some sort of text for this ?!?!?!

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