TDG wallet and PMAN

PMAN (Payout Manager) is doing calculations using the xmls provided by CCP via API.

This means we get all info from the tdg-wallet and import it to the database.

All members that do stuff for TDG like buying posfuel or selling moongoo etc need to know the "keywords" to enter when transferring ISK into or out of TDG-wallet. If the keywords are not used when doing stuff on the TDG-wallet it fucks up calculations and I have to manually check all entries, contact people about what it was and to enter a synonym to the database the get the calculation right.

These keywords have to be entered ingame at "reason" when you transfer ISK out or in.

So here the keywords that PMAN uses for calculations:

1) keywords for tolling players, doing ransom

2) keywords for selling loot
loot sold

if members want to directly buy a module/ship or whatever out of the loot
please also use the keyword "lootsold" for this when transferring the ISK to corp

3) keywords for buying/selling posfuel
pos fuel
fuel for pos

4) keywords for buying/selling corpships

5) keyword for buying/selling POS modules

6) keyword for buying/selling general stuff for corp

7) keyword for selling moon minerals

8) keyword for payout to member


PASSIVE KEYWORDS (these are allready in the xml via API from CCP and fetched autmatically)

9) keywords for Taxes done by Customs Offices
Import Duty
Export Duty

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