Re: Star Citizen

I don't know how much of Derek Smart's blog has been translated into German, because I've spent the last few months reading his posts. My understanding is the German community is still mostly in the dark regarding the behind the scenes drama at RSI. And it's pretty bad.

I used to be wary of this guy (Mr Smart) because he has bumped heads with a community I was involved with before EVE (FreeSpace) but having followed the story for sometime now, I think he's just voicing his opinion. And a lot of the *facts*, unfortunately, don't bode well for Star Citizen.. a game gradually flushing down the toilet, at the expense of everyone who put money into it...

I don't miss EVE. Especially how EVE changed, I hated what it changed into and still do. Even if EVE was still fun, I probably wouldn't play it anymore, because we've done everything in the game. There is no new stimuli. But I do miss internet space-ships. FPS, action games, boats and war games just aren't the same for me. I've always been hardcore sci-fi. And I miss the TDG guys, the casual pirating, the serious fights, the laughs and the drama.

I hope Star Citizen works out, because I really need that internet spaceship fix soon... :podded:

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