I installed again

After many years I have re-installed EVE. Not done much yet, tried to get the game running smoothly first. I'm using Linux which makes it hard to optimize and my PC specs aren't that great, there is no official Linux option STILL after all these years! But the custom launcher created by some CCP dude still seems to work.

I don't know if I'll play yet, I'll probably spend a few weeks familiarizing myself with all the new shit. The game seems very much improved, lots of cool new gadgets and cheap ships are now actually useful. The concept of filaments is very cool, the idea you can just jump a small bunch of dudes into random nullsec for a roam. That sort of feature would've been pretty great back in the FD days.

This is not the first time I've looked at the game since quitting EVE, but I just can't get used to the new camera/scaling of things. It feels like you're zoomed in too much, and when you zoom out you can't see anything. Also the new UI is bland and uninteresting. But the graphics are pretty sweet. I may casually play the game solo for a while and decide if I'll keep it installed or not..

Here is what I like so far:

* New resist nerfs! It means really tanky ships aren't common anymore, and gank ships or kiting ships are becoming the new norm. This is reminiscent of early EVE back when we used sniper camps in Rancer. Ofcourse, those types of camps aren't possible now, but softer targets is better than really tanky ones. It makes alpha-ing a lot easier. This is good because fancy ships were always a problem (tech3s with huge tanks, carriers with loads of HP, windicators etc).

* Way more specialized ship roles. Although it's been a few years, the new Tech 1 ships are much improved over the old EVE ones. It's now possible to get some good uses out of cheap fits without them being completely shit. This makes gang doctrines cheaper to run if you don't want to spend ISK on expensive ships.

* Frigate bays. Battleships now get a frigate escape bay that allows them to carry one fitted frigate. It is meant as an escape ship when you die, but it seems a lot of people carry them as 'backpacks' with remote reppers fitted, so they can quickly switch to the frigate and repair damage to their battleship. Pretty cool!

* Jump filaments. As mentioned above, allowing 5 to 25 players to jump to a random nullsec location, and it detects where there is 'activity' to give you better chances of finding targets. Cheap and no titan needed! But there is no way back with this method, and it is randomized.

* Skill injectors/extractors. Means you can quickly train a new alt by purchasing these tools or change skills on your characters. Basically it is pay-to-win, but there are limits. I would say this is a time saving feature.

* It's now quicker to buy and fit ships with 'fit all' and 'buy all' options. Would've been really useful back in the day..

And many more things I am still learning...

But I haven't played yet (just flown around, looked at markets, watch videos etc)

Re: I installed again

I'm actually playing every day now, only PVE though. I might do PVP in the future, we'll have see. I'm kinda enjoying the more relaxing side of EVE. There is also a lot of new stuff to do and train. I subbed for a whole year with my alt as I no longer have a main.

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